West End Magazine: Essential Independants Film Fest

Palace Cinemas is launching a new festival to promote the past, present and future of independent cinema from the U.S with the opportunity for the audience to explore the impact of independent film on international cinematic movements.Its exciting and distinctive cinema and with the critical voices emerging from the U.S. right now, we feel the program will not only be entertaining but throw a new perspective on what we know of contemporary American cinema, Palace Cinemas’ CEO, Benjamin Zeccola said.

Essential Independents promises new narratives, feature documentaries and short works with guests from US-based international film festivals and independent filmmakers, plenty of talks and master classes as well as special event screenings to look forward to.

Being one of Australia’s most respected film curators, Richard Sowada said the U.S independent cinema has produced some of the most iconic films across the decades. As the American independent film community continues to grow and produce people, ideas and cinema, it has not seized in influencing an international audience. “Far from being bogged down by the studio parallel universe, American independent cinema has constantly responded to changing moods, politics and technology and continues to create some of the most urgent, vibrant and influential cinema today,”Palace Cinemas’ Artistic Director, Richard Sowada said.

Essential Independents is set to take place in the Palace Cinemas’ screen for two weeks in May.

Words by Jocelyn Garcia

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