GCMAG: Universally Confident

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2014 Miss Universe contestants, Nia Sanchez and Tegan Martin have both teamed up to create Universal Confidence workshops teaching women to practice self-love and positivity by providing skills and principles to help motivate women to reach their goals in life.

Why Universal Confidence?

Because they promote confidence around the world and the correlation with Nia and Tegan meeting through the Miss Universe Competition.

“Nia and I are very raw and honest about our hurdles and personal struggles and we share the skills and tools we have learned over time to get through these,” Tegan said.

“Girls will learn a number of things like how to stay motivated and keep positive, how to tackle fear based living, how to cope with relationship breakdowns, self-defence skills (which we believe should have been taught in schools) and so much more,” Nia said.

Both being passionate motivational speakers, it was a no brainer for Tegan and Nia to start a project up! Coming up with the idea over breakfast on a holiday together believing that their collaboration would be a powerful tool for others to inspire other young women to work hard and never give up on themselves and their dreams.

“Nia and I both have a very similar story; we both had a dream to be a representative for our country on the international Miss Universe stage. It was a very big dream but we both believed it was something we could achieve and it took me 3 attempts and Nia 5 attempts to get there. There were so many roadblocks and personal struggles for the both of us over those years but we both had the same resilience and determination and that is why we are here today,” Tegan said.

Universal Confidence have a bit of everything by beginning with Nia and Tegan sharing their personal stories and struggles that then moves on to practical aspects for the women to participate in and ends with Q&A session.

“My favourite part of the workshop is teaching self-defence, I am a black belt in taekwondo and have taught self-defence for years,” Nia said.

Amongst their busy work life, both Nia and Tegan are determined to give the women who attend their workshops modern and updated content on issues at hand and one of those is the impact of social media on women’s confidence.

“We have just added a social media session into the content and we feel that it is important to teach girls how to have social media influence your life in a positive way. Instagram is full of edited photos of models and this is having a huge impact on their confidence. We believe that comparison is the thief of joy!” Nia said.

The Universal Confidence workshops were launched last November at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and proved to be very successful. Nia and Tegan have now run a total of six workshops with their next tour hitting the US in September.

The Universal Confidence workshops are now available in every state in Australia and around the United States. The next step is to expand Universal Confidence to rural areas and continue touring for the workshops.

“We don’t believe that rural areas should miss out on this life changing opportunity and will be working hard to get to as many places as we can on tour.”

Proven by the name of their workshops- Universal Confidence -the Miss Universe contest remains to be an important aspect of their lives as Tegan and Nia are the best of friends to this day and will attend the next Miss Universe reunion.

This year Tegan is judging the NSW state finals for Miss Universe Australia and being the NSW team coach.

“I will be working very closely with the girls to mould them into the perfect Miss Universe candidates. Goo team NSW!”

Tegan has also revealed that she is working on her acting and presenting with some exciting projects ahead!

“There is something in the pipeline at the moment, I am very excited so keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram for the announcement!” Tegan said.

Nia teased a project of her own that is in the works as she is launching a blog next month and has just launched her travel, beauty and health YouTube channel.

“We also want everyone to stay tuned for more Universal Confidence workshops popping up everywhere!” Nia said.

Leaving us all with one final message,

“We understand that everyone has very DIFFERENT dreams and goals but we believe that with persistence and hard work, these goals and dreams can be achieved!”



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