Indulge Magazine Film Review: Deadpool

Mercenary Wade Wilson spent his days chasing bad guys even worse than him and drinking at a local bar with his good friend before he met the woman of his dreams. Thinking he had everything he wanted, Wade Wilson’s life changed for the worse when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer….
Written by Jocelyn Garcia
Original Publication on Indulge Magazine

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Indulge Magazine: Vegan Youtube Channel

Brisbane-based health and lifestyle vlogger, Tiana Vardanega is taking the world by storm, going from 5,000 to over 7,000 subscribers in the matter of one month. Popular for her Vegan lifestyle and healthy smoothie bowls, her “What I Eat in a Day” Youtube videos are catching the most attention around.
“It’s still so surreal knowing that thousands of people watch me! I’m honest and a bit silly so I think that’s why people like my videos,” Tiana said.
Starting her Youtube channel at the age of 16 and making makeup and beauty related tutorials, her focus soon changed to food, healthy living and veganism. “I believe I’ve found my true passion and that’s why I’ve made the switch with my channel’s content – there’s no point talking about stuff you’re not passionate about!” She said.
Recently becoming vegan, Tiana wants to educate the world on veganism, constantly doing her research on all topics she covers, Tiana discussed the rising demand for more vegan vloggers.
“The vegan movement is growing and so the call for online vegan vloggers and just health advocates in general is getting bigger! I think people look for channels like mine as a way to learn and find out how exciting, easy and rewarding this lifestyle can be!” Her quirky and down-to-earth nature is what keeps drawing a bigger audience to her channel, seeing her viewers more as friends rather than just a number. “I’m always answering questions and talking to young girls about all sorts of things and I think they like being able to talk to someone on a personal level without any judgement.”
Hoping to inspire viewers to lead a happy and healthier life, Tiana is planning on making more videos that her audience will be able to relate to on a more personal level such as topics like eating disorders, health problems and fitness tips.
Written by Jocelyn Garcia | Images supplied by Tiana Vardanega

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Indulge Magazine: Shop Small Month

Two South East Queensland business owners were selected to be featured in an artwork dedicated to celebrating small business as part of Shop Small month by American Express. Daniel Campbell from Daniel Stuart Fine Foods, Southport, and Michael Andronis from Zest Bistro, Ascot, were selected from thousands of small businesses across the country to be featured alongside 38 other small business owners in a painting displaying the diversity of small business in Australia.

The Shop Small initiative is about re-connecting shoppers to the small businesses that operate in their local communities. Lover of coffee and owner of Zest Bistro in Hamilton, Michael Andronis is one of the 40 small business owners painted in “Face of Shop Small”. Mr Andronis is excited to be involved and has said, “Small businesses bring flare to local communities and can offer customers personalised services that big corporations cannot.”

Daniel Campbell, owner of Daniel Campbell Fine Foods, is also excited to be celebrating small business.“Our staff and customers are treated as part of the family and it is our mission to bring them quality locally produced food in a relaxed and friendly environment.”

The artwork, entitled “Faces of Shop Small” was undertaken by Australia’s most awarded street artist, Jenny McCracken. Jenny painted the 40 small business owners holding a tool of their trade by using a combination of chalk and paint on canvas to create a 3D masterpiece. It took her 300 hours of hard work to complete the artwork.

“I’m proud to be creating this tribute to the hardworking men and women behind each small business who work so hard to bring their passion to life. I hope it stands as a reminder of the diversity, resilience and other great benefits small businesses bring to our communities,” she said.

The artwork was revealed to honour the start of the Shop Small movement aimed to reconnect consumers with small businesses.

Shop Small spokesperson, Katrina Konstas from American Express said, “The owners personify what’s great about small business in Australia and we’re delighted to be able to shine a spotlight on him through Shop Small.”

“Faces of Shop Small” will be displayed in the Parliament House, Canberra, as a tribute to the nation’s hard working small business owners.

Images by Jenny McCracken, Zest Bistro and Daniel Stuart Fine Foods.
Words by Jocelyn Garcia

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Indulge Magazine: 2016 GCAC Season Program

Art lovers, get ready for the 2016 Season at the Arts Centre Gold Coast!  The official 2016 programme was revealed on Wednesday. It features Australia’s finest musicians, dancers, actors, singers and acrobats in 23 diverse performances. Excitingly, June is set to showcase a production of Mary Poppins.

“Gold Coast is being recognised as a significant contributor and participant in arts and culture nationally,” said Performing Arts Manager, Brad Rush.

Local audiences are able to have a high-end artistic experience with the theatre works in particular, gives new views and new perspectives delivered in both contemporary and traditional performance styles.

Highlights include Opera Queensland’s performance of The Barber of Seville, Sydney Dance Company’s CounterMove and The Queensland Symphony Orchestra returns for the finale with Igor Stravinsky’s The Firebird. The Daytime Program offers entertainment throughout the day including a musical entitled, “Always, Patsy”.

“I believe that our local audiences should have the chance to experience a high level of excellence, engagement and diversity that you would find in a capital city,” said Mr Rush. The event guarantees entertainment for all whether it is through dance, by song or something as intriguing as acrobatics with baroque opera, you will leave the Arts Centre Gold Coast contented!

Images by Art Centre Gold Coast
Words by Jocelyn Garcia

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